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I'm Virna Lichter

I am originally from Brazil and have been working in the fitness industry since 1997. I was an overweight child and feel in love with fitness when I joined a local gym in my hometown in Brazil named 'Energia" which means Energy in Portuguese. I saw how feeling great in my body and having the energy to do the things I loved changed my confidence and outlook in life. Keeping the weight off is something that becomes second nature when you learn how to do the right things (and do them). I get how hard it is to feel judged by the way you look. But looks is not everything, and I can attest to that. Back in 2008, I was in the best shape of my life but fell into a deep depression and it was hard to even find the energy to workout. That's when I found yoga and meditation. I experienced 'Energy" in a whole new way and it completely changed the way I see life. I wanted to share what I learned with others and in 2013 I opened Energia Wellness Studio.

My goal is not only help you lose weight and feel great in your body, but discover what true wellness mean. That's when transformation really happens.  

I am very excited that you are here on my page, and I hope to meet you soon! 




This is the longest I have ever stuck with a fitness program. Virna and her team all dedicated trainers who keep me motivated and on track. In this crazy time we are going through right now, the online classes are keeping me going. 

Kim B. 

I love my Energia tribe, starting with Virna, the owner. I tried several gyms and I, finally, found my happiness at Energia, no gimmicks, no false promises, no hype on getting me signed up for things I don't need.

And that's what I admired in Virna and her team, they will push you to DO your best and BE your best. 

Thank you Virna , I am SO glad I found you

Karima C.


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Top Nutrition Tips

Living a healthy lifestyle can often simplify your life in ways you couldn’t imagine. It takes a little bit of effort, some motivation, and a sincere desire to change the way you live, move, and eat.

If you have those attributes, replacing the old habits with the new will be simple.

This report is for anyone looking for easy ways to achieve optimum health and well-being. 


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